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Have Questions?

How do I know you're the right photographer for me?

        First, I would suggest looking at my photos and deciding if my style is something that speaks to you. Finding a photographer with a compatible style is the first step. Calling to chat or emailing is the next step to take. It's important that you feel a connection with your photographer. I'm competent, kind and understanding. I will be an advocate for you and make suggestions that will make your session easier. Sessions can feel like a stressful thing for parents or couples. Let my experience help you not only get beautiful photos but also allow you to relax.

How far in advance should I book my session?

        It's never too early or too late. By that I mean if you are organizing your extended family or you're booking a wedding, it's best to let me know as far in advance as possible to make sure the date is available. On the flip side, it doesn't hurt to reach out for a last minute booking too. When it comes to booking a newborn session, I ask you let me know when the baby is due and I put it in my calendar. When the tiny one has arrived, give me a call and we will book something within the first 14 days.

What if my kids don't like their picture being taken?

        Don't fret. Seriously. I have not only an enormous amount of patience but also lots of experience and ideas that make sessions fun. The less stressed you are, the more enjoyable the session is and the better the final outcome. I suggest coming to the session with well-fed and well-rested tiny humans. Then honestly, leave the rest to me. I let kids be themselves while also working towards getting the shots you desire to have on your wall. That being said, one of the beautiful things about photos is capturing a specific season in your life. So if your little one has recently 'forgotten' how to smile like a human, that's ok. I intend to get lots of beautiful moments with real emotion but also get that silly smile. That way, you'll always remember that time in your life.

What locations are great for photos?

       I always have lots of great suggestions for session locations depending on your vision. KW and the surrounding area provide lots of great spots and I'm constantly discovering new gems. If you're stuck, we can chat and come up with the most ideal location for your session.

I have a specific idea for photos. Can you help me?

        Give me a call and let's chat! I will be open and honest with you. My hope is we can work together to bring your vision to life.

What should I wear?

       I think it's important to be true to yourself. What you wear should be something you feel comfortable in. That being said, what you wear can be the best version of your style! When it comes to families, being coordinated is key - not matching. You can always send me photos of what you've put together for an opinion. Another great source is my Pinterest page, 


Can I get all the photos from our session?

        Just like other artists, my hope is you love the final product. I put a lot of work and love into the setup, lighting, shooting and hand editing of the photos you receive. The beautiful thing with digital photos is I'm able to take many snaps of a similar shot and then select the best one to give to you. There are lots of photos where people are blinking, distracted or caught mid expression. Those ones don't tell the story any of us are looking for. So what I promise you is that I will edit all of the photos that work that provide a different perspective from the previous photo. I cannot give you RAW (unedited) photos or all of the photos from our session because they don't accurately represent you, your family or my work.

How can I pay for my session?

        I can accept e-transfers, cheques and cash. Your session fee is due the day of the photoshoot unless otherwise specified.

Do your prices include taxes?

        Yes they do. That means when you see any of our investment information listed on the site or quoted by me or your contract, that is all you'll pay.



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